Rapper Freddie Gibbs is facing extradition to Austria over rape allegations

Gibbs has consistently denied the claims made against him, which stem back to 2015.

A French court has ordered that US rapper Freddie Gibbs be extradited to Austria, where he is accused of rape.

Gibbs’ lawyer Michael Malka told the Associated Press that the rapper is now considering whether to contest the order within the 72-hour window that French law allows.

“The order was not surprising and it doesn’t change the fact that these are false allegations,” Malka said in a statement. “We are still hoping that once the Public Prosecutor in Austria interviews Freddie, she will decide not to go forward. If she does decide to go forward, Freddie will fight the charges with everything he’s got.”


The rapper was arrested in France earlier this month (June) over allegations of rape. He has denied the claims made against him, which stem back to 2015.

The warrant for Gibbs’ arrest was issued in Austria just before he went on stage at the Rex venue in the French city of Toulouse. During an earlier extradition hearing on June 16, a French court granted Gibbs bail for €50,000 (£39,850).

Gibbs’ lawyer said last week that his client “categorically denies the allegations made against him by Austria and is even very surprised that Austria is taking this on a year later, just as he is on tour in Europe.”