Freddie Mercury and John Lennon’s stamp collections to go on display

You can see them from September

The stamp collections belonging to Freddie Mercury and John Lennon are to go on display.

The Beatles member started his collection when he was ten, using stamps given to him by an older cousin.

Lennon collected stamps from letters received from New Zealand and America and defaced pictures of Queen Victoria and King George VI with moustaches.


The late Queen frontman also collected stamps between the ages of nine and 12. His collection featured stamps from his birth country of Zanzibar and the British Empire.

As BBC Music News reports, the stamps will go on display at the Stampex exhibition in London between September 14-17.

Earlier this month, a classic car owned by Lennon was put up for auction.

His 1956 Austin Princess will be included in a forthcoming sale held by RM Sotheby’s, the world’s largest auction house for investment-quality motors.

Lennon purchased the vehicle in August 1971 and went on to use it the following year in a promotional film for his album ‘Imagine’, alongside wife Yoko Ono.

The car’s seats were replaced with five aeroplane seats, which are still in the car today.


The buyer will also receive the original vehicle registration and title document, complete with Lennon’s signature from the original purchase.