DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince video re-emerges after 30 years

'Nightmare On My Street' went missing for three decades

A DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince video has re-emerged after going missing for over 30 years.

The Halloween-inspired clip ‘Nightmare On My Street’ sees the pair take influence from slasher-villain Freddy Krueger.

The video was extracted from the now-outdated He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper and was set to be a single from DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince’s album. However, New Line Cinema reportedly demanded that the video be wiped from existence due to a perceived copyright infringement of their horror character.


You can watch the clip below.

“No one’s ever seen that video; we got sued for ‘Nightmare.'” Jeff previously told BoomBox. “Like to this day, I don’t know… I had a copy of the video and I had an old girlfriend that taped soap operas over it. Will had a copy of the video and gave it to his dad and his dad lost it, but I don’t know anyone who has that video. That video is not online, that video is… like, it may be twenty people in the world that seen that video.”

Meanwhile, Will Smith confirmed that the third instalment of Bad Boys is officially going ahead.

In a video shared by Smith yesterday (November 1), he and co-star Martin Lawrence tell viewers that the new movie, Bad Boys For Life, is going to happen.


“I’m telling y’all… this is crazy, wait, wait, just wait… it’s official!” Smith yells in the video with Lawrence by his side.

“That’s it, no more, ya’ll can’t handle no more of that!”

The news follows years of rumours, confirmations, and delays. Bad Boys II, the second film in the franchise, was released 15 years ago. Conversations about its follow-up were instigated as far back as that period.

Bad Boys is an action-comedy centred around two narcotics detectives in Miami.

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