Bands as Jonathan Ross back on BBC TV

Time-wasting Friday fun here…

It’s Friday once more, and to waste time until the pubs open then we head home to watch the return of Jonathan Ross on TV, we’re thinking up bands as the presenter, his chat show and – ahem – that radio phone scandal.

Franz Ferdinand have already defended Ross after recording a performance for tonight’s (January 23) show, now it’s your turn to pay tribute – or at least come up with a few puns.

Anything vaguely related to Ross, his chat show or the scandal goes. Here are some we’ve come up with so far:

“I fucked your Grandaddy”

Chat For Lashes

Ross Campesinos

Jonathan Ross Fireater

Jonathan Sigur Ros

The Sachs Pistols

Russell Brand New

Radio Scandal Head

Sons And “I’ve Had Your Daughter”s

Ban Of Horses

Lewd Reed

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