Bands as Wimbledon – Friday Fun

Timewasting fun on NME.COM

It’s Friday once more, and to honour the climax of Wimbledon, which finishes this Sunday (July 5), we’re thinking up tennis-related band names to waste some time until Blur‘s London Hyde Park gig tonight (July 3) begins.

Here are a few efforts we’ve come up with so far:

Brand New Balls
Court Hurricane Number One
Joan Net
Bjorn Again Borg
Hawkwind Eye
Dr Andre Agassi
Pete Sampras Michel
The First Postal Service
Orange Deuce
Neu! Balls
Boris Beck
Steffi Van der Graaf Generator
Conor Oberst And The Mystic Rally Band
Wimbledon McLean

Think you can do better? Sign into MyNME and leave your efforts in the comment box below.

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