Bands as the general election and a hung parliament – Friday Fun

Timewasting ballot-related fun on NME.COM

It’s Friday (April 7), and those of us who can raise our eyelids after staying up all night watching numbers fly around the telly screen for the UK general election are trying to work out what a hung parliament actually means.

And to help waste time until all the results are in and Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg try and work out who’s actually the boss, we’re thinking up bands as election and hung parliament-related stuff.

Anything to do with the election goes, but extra points (in your head) for puns releated to the hung parliament element of it.

Here are a few we’ve come up with so far:

Hungo parliament Jerry
Magnetic Paxman
Liberal Demo-Cat Power
Kingmaker Biscuit Time
Coalition Of Burma
The Style Privy Council
First Past The Postal Service
Kriss Cross
Miike Snow Overall Majority
The (swingo)meters
Andy Vote-l
David Cam’Ron
Tory Amos
The Good The Band And The Is It Up To The Queen?

Think you can do better? Of course you can, sign in below and leave your efforts in the comments box.