Bands as Oasis songs – Friday Fun

Timewasting Gallagher-related fun on NME.COM

It’s Friday once more, and to celebrate Oasis kicking off their UK tour in Liverpool on Tueday (October 6), we’re coming up with bands as Oasis songs for today’s (October 10) Friday Fun.

Here are a few we’ve come up with so far:

The Shock Of The Lightning Seeds

The Importance Of Being Idlewild

Gas Panic At The Disco

Roll Deep With It

Supersonic Youth

Acquiesce Club 7

What’s The Story (Morning Runner Glory)

Stand By Mika

Go Let It Outhere Brothers

Cast No DJ Shadow

Reverend And The Shakermakers

Magic Numbers Pie

Rocking Chairlift

The MasterPlan B

Dig Out Your Soul II Soul

Don’t Believe The Unbelievable Truth

Holy Fuckin’ In The Bushes

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