Bands as Doctor Who – Friday Fun

Timelord-themed time-wasting is here

It’s Friday, the new series of ‘Doctor Who’ gears up this weekend (the new series starts April 5 in the UK), so we’re wasting time thinking up bands as ‘Doctor Who’ stuff to wile away the hours until the pub opens.

Here are a few efforts we’ve come up with so far:


Ace Of Base

Cyber-Manfred Man

Time Lordi

The Sonics Screwdrivers

The Face Of Bo Diddly

Captain Jack Harkness



Catherine Little Man Tate

And, of course, it gives us another excuse to put up our picture of Amy Winehouse with the Doctor (remember, it was for April Fools’ Day, she’s definitely not set to star alongside David Tennant…).

Reckon you can do better? Log in to MyNME below and leave your own in the comments box. Sounds stupid, but once you start you’ll be addicted.