Bands as Heathrow Terminal Five cock-ups – Friday Fun

Time-wasting fun here on NME.COM

It’s nearly the weekend, so once more (well, after a quick break because we were so busy covering SXSW and eating Easter eggs) we’re thinking up some Friday Puns to waste time until the pub opens.

In honour of the huge cock-ups currently occurring at Heathrow airport’s brand new Terminal Five, we’ve been coming up with Bands As Aeroplane Stuff.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

Trolly Dolly Parton

Captain Beefheart

Duty Free

Runway DMC

Cathy Davey Pacific

The Pan AM I Am

The Departure Lounge

Boeing Diddly

Hijack Penate

Terminal 5ive

System Of A Touch-Down

The Strip Searchers



The Virgins Atlantic

Flight Of The Conchords

Sky Larkin

Kubi-Check-in desk

The E-ticket Street Band

Now it’s your turn to come up with some Bands As Aeroplane Stuff, log into MyNME and leave a comment below.

Sounds stupid, but trust us, you’ll soon be addicted – and don’t forget to ping the URL around your workplace to get a bit of competitive spirit going.