Bands as Gordon Ramsay’s fruit and vegetables – Friday Fun

Timewasting fun here on NME.COM

So, what’s today’s Friday Fun all about, then? It’s bands as Gordon Ramsay‘s vegetables.

Why? Well, the mouthy chef has been all over the news today (May 9), after saying that restaurants should be fined if they serve fruit and vegetables that aren’t in season. Fair enough.

Here are some we’ve come up with so far:


The Courgette-eeners

Aubergene Clark

Morning Runner Beans


The Last Marrow Puppets

Salt ‘n’ Green Pepper


Green Bean Day

Kid Broccoli

Mange Kooks

Blackberry Eyed Peas

Emmy The Grape

Turnipso Facto

The Flaming Pips

Buffalo Tomato

Now it’s your turn – sign in to MyNME and leave your bands as Gordon Ramsay‘s fruit and vegetables below.