Bands as Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Chinese Democracy’ – Friday Fun

Timewasting fun here on NME.COM

It’s Friday again, and in celebration of the comeback of Guns N’ Roses, who are finally ready to release their ‘Chinese Democracy’ album on November 24, we’re thinking up bands as Guns N’ Roses stuff to waste time until the pubs open.

Here are a few we’ve some up with so far:

Guns N’ The Stone Roses

Sweet Destiny’s Child Of Mind

Welcome To The Jungle Brothers

Knocking On Heaven 17’s Door

Muse Your Illusion

Damon Slash


Live And Let Dido

Think you can do better? Sign into MyNME and leave your efforts in the comments box below.

Meanwhile Dr. Pepper have vowed to honour their Guns N’ Roses promise, to offer a free can of their drink to every American citizen.

The drinks firm said they would honour the giveaway if ‘Chinese Democracy’ was released this year.

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