Friendly Fires reveal Primal Scream tour inspiration at Reading Festival

Band also share their 'STD'-filled holiday plans with NME

Friendly Fires have told NME that the thinking behind their forthcoming November UK tour was inspired by Primal Scream‘s recent ‘Screamadelica’ live tour.

Speaking backstage at Reading Festival today (August 28), where they play the Main Stage, singer Ed Macfarlane said that the St Albans trio’s plans for the autumn jaunt had come about after seeing how Bobby Gillespie‘s band toured their seminal 1991 album.

He said:

We’re really expanding our set with loads of old ’70s disco lights. We’re going to have lots of things going when we’re not playing and to try and make it less of a spectacle and more of an event. We’re aiming towards something like Primal Scream did with ‘Screamadelica’. We want it to be this constant flow of music rather than the band coming on and leaving.


He also spoke about how the band wrote recent single ‘Hawaiian Air’ for festival crowds, and believed they’ve succeeded in writing a real crowdpleaser.

Macfarlane said:

We wrote ‘Hawaiian Air’ specifically for stages like this and to be played live. It’s got that big ‘drummey’ verse and a big lush expansive chorus. We’ve succeeded in writing one there.

Asked about his festival season generally, Macfarlane recalled his experience at Belgium’s Pukkelpop earlier this month, where fans were killed as a stage collapsed. He said:

The worst was definitely Pukkelpop. We didn’t get onstage, but we were right in the middle of everything, right next to the first aid tent. Which wasn’t the best place to be, the whole thing was fucking dark side.

Drummer Jack Savidge, meanwhile, shared his post-festival season holiday plans with NME, telling us that he’s off to enjoy the seedier side of Lanzarote. He joked: “I’m off to Lanzarote to enjoy the black sand and contract some STDs. I’m sure I could avoid all that, but you’d be mad to avoid them.”

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