Friendly Fires: ‘We don’t know how long this band will last’ – video

Watch the trio talk about their new album 'Pala' on NME now

Friendly Fires singer Ed MacFarlane has admitted that he has no idea how long the band will last.

The singer told NME in a video you can watch below, that their forthcoming second album ‘Pala’, is also a symbol for a doomed Utopia.

The name of the record is taken from the Aldous Huxley novel Island, which focuses on a paradise island which falls apart.


“It’s about this idea of paradise which ultimately will never last,” he explained. “I thought it was a good symbol for the record, about living for the here and now and appreciating every moment.

“I think it applies to my life quite a lot,” he continued “We don’t know how long this band is going to last so you have to make the most of it while you can.”

The singer revealed in last week’s new issue of NME that boy bands also heavily influenced their record. Now the frontman has also said that as well as bands such as NSync shaping the record, hip-hop also played a part.

“Tracks like ‘Show Me Lights’ just remind me of Backstreet Boys and early NSync,” he added. “They have a real sheen but they’re also funky and influenced by hip-hop unlike a lot of chart music around at the moment which I’m not really a fan of.”

The new issue of NME, is on UK newsstands now or available digitally.