Friendly Fires: ‘We don’t want to do an MGMT’

Group hoping to 'steer well clear' of changing their sound for their next album

Friendly Fires have admitted that they hope they aren’t “going to do what MGMT did”, in changing the direction of how their new album sounds.

Currently working on the follow-up to their 2008 self-titled album, the group admitted they wanted to “steer well clear” of altering things too much.

“I really hope we are not going to do what MGMT did,” guitarist Edd Gibson told the Daily Record. “Whatever it is they have done, we want to steer well clear of it. I don’t understand why they would make such a leap, go from great pop songs to just any old acoustic music played in anyone’s bedroom.”

Revealing that they’ve “finished four songs completely”, Gibson added that despite receiving both a Mercury Prize nomination and critical acclaim for their debut album, they are still recording the new LP in singer Ed McFarlane‘s garage.

“We haven’t moved on to some lavish studio,” Gibson explained. “We’re back where it all began. It’s nice we are still doing it that way, we’re our own bosses.”

Set to play at the Parklife and RockNess festivals in June, the band will also appear at this year’s Wireless Festival in July.