Friendly Fires’ Jack Savidge concerned ahead of Bestival set today (Sept 11)

Ill drummer tells NME.COM he'll be going straight home after the gig

Friendly Fires drummer Jack Savidge has told NME.COM he’s worried he may not be well enough to complete the band’s gig later today at Bestival.

The drummer was hospitalised earlier this week after coming down with cellulitis, which commonly affects people with a low immune system. Savidge‘s illness was so bad it almost forced him to miss Tuesday evening’s Barclaycard Mercury Prize, which Friendly Fires were nominated for.

Speaking to NME.COM ahead of travelling to the Isle Of Wight for today’s Bestival gig, Savidge revealed that he still has some reservations about whether he’ll be able to complete a full set with the band.

“Maybe once I get onstage I’ll think “Oh my god, I cannot do this”,” he admitted. “But, I think it’ll be fine. It’s something I’ve done hundreds of times before so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem I hope.”

Savidge went on to say he is still not completely over his illness – though he is keen to do his best during Friendly Fires‘ performance.

“We’re gonna do Bestival – I think I’ll be strong enough to get through it,” the drummer said, adding that because of his illness he wont be hanging around on the festival site.

“I’ll be going straight home afterwards. I won’t be staying all weekend, which is kind of disappointing. I guess with a pretty shot immune system, the last place you wanna be is in a field full of E Coli, eating burgers and that.”

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