Frightened Rabbit launch music gear auction for ‘Tiny Changes’ mental health charity

"Help us to make tiny changes that we feel will encourage big change."

Frightened Rabbit have announced that they will auction their band gear in aid of Tiny Changes, the mental health charity founded in memory of late frontman Scott Hutchison.

Hutchison took his own life last May after a battle with depression. His family, including brother Grant, announced the foundation of the charity last month – which is aimed at improving mental health in children and young people.

The online auction sees the band selling off the musical equipment that they currently own in the US – including Scott’s very own Fender Hot Rod Deville amp and an accompanying flight case. Other items on sale include a classic Ludwig drum set owned by Grant Hutchison and a Fender amp owned by guitarist Billy Kennedy.

The band confirmed in a statement: “Frightened Rabbit have decided to sell the musical equipment we have in the US as we feel this stuff should be used rather than just sitting in storage somewhere gathering dust. We felt that putting everything up for auction would give people an opportunity to get something from the band that they themselves can put to good use. 50% of the profits from the sale of these auctions will go to a mental health charity set up by Scott’s family called Tiny Changes.

“The charity’s focus is mental health issues in young people and children. We plan to use the voice we have to spread a message of hope and positivity and to raise awareness of the issues facing young people and children today. Mental health was a cause that was very close to Scott’s heart and one that he would be extremely proud to see his family and the band supporting. Help us to make tiny changes that we feel will encourage big change in approaches to mental health around the world.”

The auction comes only 13 months after Hutchison took his own life – with the band paying an emotional tribute on the first anniversary of his death in May.

“Scott wrote the best fucking songs you’ll ever hear and being a part of that changed all our lives forever. Hug your loved ones,” wrote the band on Instagram.

For more information or to donate to Tiny Changes, visit their official website here, or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For help and advice on mental health: