Frightened Rabbit give update on their next album

Things are going to get 'rougher'

Frightened Rabbit are currently in the midst of writing their sixth album – which looks set to have a ‘rougher’, but more ‘intimate’ sound.

After working with The National‘s Aaron Dessner for their 2016 album ‘Painting Of A Panic Attack’, Hutchison revealed that they’d be producing the next record themselves in a studio they’re building in their native Glasgow.

“We’ve got like five or six songs that are sketchy,” Hutchison told NME. “Then there are a lot of pieces of music that don’t have lyrics on them yet, but that’s coming together. I would like for that to be finished by the end of the year. We’re just going to constantly evolve it.”


Speaking of his current lyrical inspiration, Hutchison said: “I’ve been certainly trying to look for new themes. There’s one that’s currently about how I question whether or not I would be willing to bring a child into the world as it stands. Not that I’m in any position to do so at all, but you know…

“I’m trying to find different things cause it’s album six, and I can’t do this all time time, you know. I don’t think anybody really gives a fuck about my relationships any more. So yeah, I’ll try and steer clear of that.”

Asked if revisiting their cult classic album ‘Midnight Organ Fight’ in such depth was having any impact on the music he was writing, Hutchison said that he wanted to explore the band’s ‘rougher edges’.

“It’s weird to me to hear that album,” Hutchison admitted. “At the time I thought that it was really, really polished and now sounds quite scrappy to me because of our evolution. Looking at the last album, that kind of rough edge may have been sanded off it slightly. And maybe I missed that  – because that’s what humans really connect with anyway.”

“So definitely, I think I’ve been inspired in that sense. I’d like it to be slightly more ‘bare bones’, and not as bombastic and slightly more intimate.”


Meanwhile, Hutchison is also preparing to hit the road and release debut album ‘Dance Music’ with side-project Mastersystem – formed with members of Editors and Minor Victories.

Frightened Rabbit tour dates and tickets

The band’s upcoming tour dates are below. Tickets are on sale here.

15: Ritz – Manchester, UK
16: Forum – London, UK
17: Academy – Glasgow, UK

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