Frightened Rabbit pay tribute to Scott Hutchison on anniversary of his death

"Scott wrote the best fucking songs you'll ever hear"

Frightened Rabbit have paid tribute to Scott Hutchison on the anniversary of the frontman’s death. Hutchison took his own life last May after a battle with depression.

“Scott wrote the best fucking songs you’ll ever hear and being a part of that changed all our lives forever. Hug your loved ones,” wrote the band on Instagram, along with a picture of the group together.

Grant Hutchison, Scott’s brother and bandmate, posted a photo of Scott as seen on stage from Grant’s position behind the drums.

“This was our space,” he wrote. “Between my seat and your microphone belonged to us. It was more than just air. There was something else there. An elasticity pulling us together. Energy thrown with the flick of a drumstick and rattled back with every jolt of your guitar.

“As memories fade and become fuzzier the one thing I remind myself of every single day is your laugh. It didn’t just fill rooms, it didn’t just fill theatres, it filled hearts and it will forever. Miss you H. You are my inspiration.”

On Tuesday (May 7), Hutchison’s family announced the launch of Tiny Changes, a mental health charity established in his memory.

It followed a crowdfunding page launched by Grant where fans could donate to the Scott Hutchison Fund, later used to establish the Tiny Changes charity.

For more information or to donate, visit Tiny Chance’s official website here, or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For help and advice on mental health: