Frightened Rabbit share emotional making of ‘Tiny Changes’ tribute album documentary

Make Tiny Changes To Earth

Frightened Rabbit have shared an emotional documentary about the making of ‘Tiny Changes’, their recent covers album in tribute to their seminal ‘The Midnight Organ Fight‘.

Last month saw the band release the tribute record with covers by the likes of Biffy Clyro, The Twilight Sad, Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, Chvrches Lauren Mayberry and many more. The album was planned by frontman Scott Hutchison before he took his own life in May 2018.

Now, the band have shared a new documentary about the making of ‘Tiny Changes’. Made by handheldcineclub’s James Lockey (who was in Scott Hutchison’s side-project Mastersystem with Editors‘ Justin Lockey and Hutchison’s brother and Frightened Rabbit drummer Grant), the film features all the artists on the record, as well as archive footage and pictures from when the record was made 11 years ago.


“Justin and I (handheldcineclub) first worked with Frightened Rabbit back in 2010 when we made ‘The Loneliness A The Scream’ video,” said James. “I remember for us it was a bit of a deal as we were big fans of the band, and in particular their record The Midnight Organ Fight so didn’t want to fuck it up! Luckily we didn’t!

“From there we got to the know the band and went on to make all the videos for their album ‘Pedestrian Verse’, from the writing sessions in Plenploth, the Highlands tour and all glossy music videos including the one-take visuals for ‘The Woodpile (an early start after a sold out New York show, happy days!).”

James continued: “Fast forward to 2017 and myself, Justin, Scott and Grant got into the studio and made the Mastersystem record ‘Dance Music‘.  This record and the short tour we did in early 2018, straight after TMOF 10 year anniversary tour, meant a great deal to me, to us.”

“The chance to work with folks you’ve watched and admired on stage so many times over the years was proper fuckin’ ace, no other words to describe it really.

“Making this film was pretty hard, in an emotional way, listening to what the record meant to so many people and in light of losing Scott, but at the same time so positive. Reading that back I know that makes no sense but if you listen to what people are saying in the film, those songs, those lyrics and the live shows are ingrained in peoples’ lives, have created long lasting memories and has helped many people through tough times, you can’t say that about many records.”


He added: “We wanted the film to be a celebration of the TMOF, a chance for people to share what the record meant to them and what it means to be involved in the Tiny Changes record.

“Big thanks to everyone who helped in the making of the film and all those that took the time to be involved.”

The band have also shared the following message about the film:

Frightened Rabbit’s message on the ‘Tiny Changes’ film

Speaking to NME about future activity for the remaining members of Frightened Rabbit, drummer Grant Hutchison said: “There are some unheard songs and demoes that we’ll probably work on when we’re in the right place. They were new songs that we were working on. We’d been working since the end of the ‘Panic Attack’ campaign. I think it would be good for us too. You know, completion. They’re there, and personally I’m very aware that they’re there. I haven’t managed to go back through them yet. I tried a couple of times but I can’t do it.

“I feel it’s important that we do it, and that we have the control over it. The songs will be there forever anyway on a hard drive. I know for a fact that Scott wouldn’t want them released in their current state, because they’re not ready, but it’s personally something that I feel I want to do, and I want to do it with these guys. Everyone feels the same. I don’t know what format that will take, but that’s for when we’ve figured things out.”

Click here for more information and to donate to the Tiny Changes charity in memory of Scott Hutchison.