Frightened Rabbit plan to write film scores after finding ‘Square Go’ experience “therapeutic” in wake of Scott Hutchison’s death

The band's music will continue, "just in a different form”

Members of Frightened Rabbit say they want to write scores for plays and films after recording a soundtrack for an Edinburgh Fringe play.

Guiarist Simon Liddell told The Independent that working on Gary McNair and Kieran Hurley’s play Square Go was “therapeutic” in the wake of bandmate Scott Hutchison’s death.

Keyboard player and guitarist Andy Monaghan described the process as a “healthy” way to deal with grief.


“We were hanging out a lot at that time anyway, Monaghan said. “It was nice to have a focus; it was nice to be making music together.”

Square Go is a comedy that explores toxic masculinity through the lens of two 13-year-old Scottish boys who hide out in school toilets ahead of a fight (aka a “square go”).

McNair, who is an old friend of Frightened Rabbit, approached the band in 2017 about soundtracking the new play. They agreed but hadn’t started recording the material before Hutchison passed away in May.

McNair said that he asked them to join the project because of Hutchison’s raw ability to examine masculinity.

He referred to Hutchison as “someone who’s spent their career looking at the power that lies inside testosterone, and the sadness of when you live up to that darker side…”


Monaghan added that the band’s experience of making music together again proved to be “a very helpful process”; one that, Liddell tells The Independent, gave them the opportunity to meet McNair’s brief of creating a “bigger, bombastic rock sound.”

The band also suggested that the music for Square Go would be the final project under the Frightened Rabbit name. There are no current plans to release the music although the odd track may surface online.

Liddell, who soundtracks McNair’s other Edinburgh Fringe play, After the Cuts, added: “Music will continue – just in a different form.”




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