Fryars shares new mixtape featuring Lily Allen

'The Boy In The Hood' precedes the London musician's upcoming album 'Power'

London synth-pop musician Fryars has collaborated with Lily Allen on a new mixtape called ‘The Boy In The Hood’.

The 20-track collection comes ahead of Benjamin Garrett’s forthcoming album ‘Power’ and includes the Lily Allen-starring ‘King Many Layers’. Listen to that song at the 40:45 mark below.

Garrett has described the mixtape as a “B-Movie” version of the upcoming LP. “It’s not a bunch of offcuts but a different beast,” Garrett says. “This record exists in the night time. It’s a night out. From being home alone to upping sticks and going out on the town. Power exists in the daytime, for the most part.”


‘Power’ will be released on November 17.

Fryars recently explained how the release of his long-awaited second album came to be delayed for four years.

Speaking to NME, Garrett explains how issues with his former label 679 and a merger between parent company Warners and Access Industries led to a massive delay in the release of his follow-up to the 2009 debut ‘Dark Young Hearts’. “The problem was the Warner mothership,” Garrett said. “As soon as Warner got involved, things slowed down. It was like being on two labels, neither of whom were on the same page.”

However, Warners took the unprecedented step of freeing Garrett from his contract and returning the ‘Power’ album to him. “Instead of trying to get something out of their investment, they cancelled my debt and gave my album back to me. I can’t help thinking it was as much out of generosity as madness.”

The singer-songwriter, who penned two tracks for Lily Allen’s 2014 album ‘Sheezus’, remains philosophical about the path his career has taken him on. “The way things have happened, it’s ended up being quite good for me. It’s all the things that didn’t happen that are frustrating: all the gaps where you look back and wonder, ‘Where did that year go?’”


‘The Boy In The Hood’ tracklist:

‘Voice Memo 42’
‘On Your Own Pt. 2’
‘Quaalude No. 1 In C Sharp Major’
‘Vultures Of The Night’
‘Wedding Crasher (Parts I & II)’
‘/*Voice Memo (Bith)’
‘Boys In The Hood’
‘Motorhome (Frymix)’
‘20130221 121310’
‘Mystic Pizza’
‘Back 2 Mine’
‘Knock Em Dead’
‘Ma Gismo’
‘Voice Memo’
‘King Many Layers’ (ft. Lily Allen)
‘Voice Memo’
‘Voice Memo (Orleans)’