“Fuck him!”: Slowthai hits out at Boris Johnson and tells us what he’ll do if he wins the Mercury Prize

"He's gonna be there for a good few years, I thought he was near retirement"

Slowthai has hit out at Boris Johnson after the leading Brexiteer became Prime Minister of the UK this week.

The ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ artist became one of the first prominent music stars to criticise Johnson after he won the Conservative leadership election on Tuesday – describing him as a “lesser version” of Donald Trump.

Speaking to NME at the Mercury Prize Nominations this morning (July 25), the Northampton rapper slammed Johnson as a “twat” and said that he should be considering retirement instead of entering Number 10.

“Boris Johnson! Look at his haircut. He’s a twat, but he seems like he’s changing his life. I don’t know how late in your life you can do that, but a leopard don’t change its spots,” he said.

“This cunt keeps popping up and now he’s there! He’s gonna be there for a good few years, I thought he was near retirement. But he’s not. Fuck him!”

The rapper, real name Tyron Frampton, secured a Mercury nomination for his debut album which NME described as “an indication of the sprawling possible paths for his career to grow into”.

Describing the moment that he first learnt of the nomination, Frampton said: “I was playing Fortnite and eating peanut butter on toast and I was like ‘wow’. That’s what I was like – I was speechless!”

But if Frampton emerges triumphant at the Mercury Prize in September, what will he do with the winnings?

“I’m gonna take my mum somewhere nice and then spank the cash on something nice! Pop a bottle get a bit of the old y’know what I mean, end up somewhere else and then do something I regret.”

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