Fucked Up’s Pink Eyes: ‘I videotaped a man shitting himself at Glastonbury’ – video

Despite the 'insane' encounter, Damian Abraham says he's a fan of the Worthy Farm festival

Fucked Up singer Damian ‘Pink Eyes’ Abraham has told NME.COM that his strangest experience at this year’s Glastonbury was seeing a man who had “shit his pants” getting thrown out of a public toilet.

In the video interview – which you can watch by scrolling down now – Pink Eyes reveals that he found the experience so fun he videotaped it.

“The strangest thing we saw was at 11am in the morning a man totally wasted come out of the bathroom stall and shit his pants, and then pull up his pants with his legs covered in shit and try and force his way into another occupied stall,” he explained.

“Bear in mind this is not just like a washroom, like a private thing. It was open air, like a crowd of people watching this guy. I videotaped it, it was hilarious. It was insane. That the strangest thing I’ve seen so far today. But I have a sneaky suspicion I’m gonna see stranger stuff still.”

Watch the full video interview below, then head to NME.COM’s Glastonbury 2009 index to relive this year’s festival now.