Fugazi have been secretly playing music together

Band have been on hiatus since 2003

Fugazi bassist Joe Lally has revealed that the band have been playing music together in private, but that fans shouldn’t hope for a formal reunion.

The US post-hardcore legends formed in 1987 in Washington DC, releasing six albums. They went on hiatus in 2003 after 2001’s ‘The Argument’.

Speaking on the Kreative Kontrol podcast recently, Lally said that the group’s members often get together for jam sessions.


“When we’re all in DC, we totally hang out together and talk and spend a lot of time laughing,” Lally said. “We have a great time together, go out to dinner, and we’ll play some music together.”

Lally went on to dismiss any reunion speculation. “There’s so much to try to look after to allow Fugazi to do anything, that we do not have the time to give it the respect that it deserves,” he argued. “So unfortunately, it is where it is.”


The band’s frontman Ian MacKaye previously hinted at the band getting together to jam occasionally, saying they did it “because that’s what we love to do”.

Lally recently formed a band with ex-Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty and guitarist Anthony Pirog. Their self-titled debut album was released last week (March 23) via Dischord Records.