But the star admits Lauryn Hill is reluctant to return to the band that made her famous...

Wyclef Jean has said he would love to reform his old group Fugees, but says singer LAURYN HILL is reluctant to return to the group that made her famous.

Speaking in Barcelona ahead of tonight’s (November 14) MTV Europe Music Awards, the hip-hop star said he was keen to make the first Fugees record since 1996’s 17 million-selling ‘The Score’, but stressed to Reuters that the album would have to be “excellent” to be worthwhile.

He added: “Fugees still didn’t break up. We are still trying to make stuff and work stuff out. But an album is very important. You can’t just throw a garbage album out there. That is not good for Fugees.

“If Fugees are going to do an album, it has to be excellent like the last one or they had better not do an album, you understand.”

The star insisted: “I want to do a Fugees record. You have to talk to a href=”http://laurynhill.nme.com”>Lauryn Hill. You have to talk to the girl. The girl is the problem – not me.”

The group have not worked together since the 1997 single, ‘Rumble In The Jungle’, which appeared on the soundtrack to the movie ‘When We Were Kings’. Both [a][/a] and fellow rapper Pras Michel went on to write, produce and rap in various side projects, whilst singer Lauryn Hill went on to achieve massive solo success with the release of her debut album, 1998’s ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’.