Jack Antonoff is writing a book about ’90s record store culture

The book will feature contributions from his "circle of friends and influencers across the entertainment industry"

Fun drummer and Bleachers leader Jack Antonoff is writing a book about record store and CD culture in the ’90s.

The book will be titled Record Store and will be published by Simon & Schuster. There is no publication date set yet.

The publisher said in a statement that the book would be “a heavily illustrated anthology of essays, interviews, photographs, and ephemera that will pay tribute to the cherished, and endangered, cultural institution.”


It will feature “dozens of contributions from Antonoff’s circle of friends and influencers across the entertainment industry”, although no specific names have been confirmed at present.

As Billboard reports, according to the statement, Antonoff hopes it will have a “high-school-scrapbook-meets-Jeff-Koons feel”.

Antonoff also called record stores “sacred place[s]” and “the most exciting place you could go, regardless of your age or social standing.”

“You knew when you walked in that you might walk out with something that could change your life. The record store was at once a listening party, a debate stage, a therapist’s office, a university for music taught by a dude with a ponytail and/or a beard, and so much more. It was a refuge for outcasts and awkward teenagers – a sacred place.”


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