Pretend criminals consort with the real thing...

Fun Lovin’ Criminals have teamed up with legendary imprisoned gangster Reggie Kray. He will write the lyrics with FLC writing the music.

Kray has been in prison for 31 years for murder and has apparently been writing lyrics for at least three years. Kray’s wife Roberta said “They tend to be about human emotions – love, hope, expectation.”

She went on to say that, although Kray hadn’t heard the music Fun Lovin’ Criminals had written for him yet, he hoped to release a first single in Febuary or March – coincidentally the same time of Kray’s next parole hearing.


Huey flew into the country especially to visit Kray in jail before the band’s appearance at the Reading Festival and has also been seen wearing a Free Reggie T-shirt. At Reading he changed the lyrics of ‘King Of New York’ from “La-di-da-dee free John Gotti” to “Hey, hey, free Reg Kray.”

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