Fun Lovin' Criminals have made an unlikely enemy - the Colombian government, who've objected to the name of their new album...

Fun Lovin’ Criminals(pictured) are in trouble with the Colombian Embassy over the title of their new album, ‘100% Colombian’. An Embassy chief has written to the band’s label, Chrysalis, claiming the title undermines efforts by the Colombian Government to stamp out the drugs trade.

Colombia is the world’s largest producer of the coca leaf, the plant from which cocaine is made. With US help, Colombia has made concerted efforts in recent years to stop production and export of the drug – burning fields and taking action against leading cocaine exporters. The album title has caused offence to the Paris-based branch of the Colombian Embassy who sent the letter to Chrysalis, France.

Part of it read: “There was no justification whatsoever to link the words ‘Colombian’ and ‘Criminals’. I hope you understand, Sir, that this is terrible and unjust for a country like Colombia which has fought and keeps on fighting against drugs and which is trying to find a way towards peace and national reconciliation. This is the reason why I ask you politely but firmly to remove every single poster in the Metro because this kind of publicity is terrible for the image of Colombia.”


A Paris-based music journalist said: “These are really huge posters in virtually all of the major Metro stations. There also seems to be a particular concentration in the Metros around the Embassy. It must really annoy them seeing that every day.” Chrysalis France say they have no plans to take down the posters or amend the album’s artwork.

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