More Millennium secrets...

What will you be doing new year’s eve?

Well ever since I stopped working for a living I never managed to spend new year’s eve with my dog Sugar. I wanted to take her out to Maui (in Hawaii) with all the boys but it’d take a month quarantine. So I’m gonna be here with my dog and my gun for when Y2K drops.

Fear for the next millenium?

I fear for our children. I’m at the age where I could become a father, and I fear for what they will have to deal with. I think of what I had to put up with when I was growing up. Hopefully they can handle it. Most kids can handle shit that goes on these days and that’s good. It’s Darwinian, though. If things get tougher to do before you’re 12 only the tough 12 year-olds are gonna survive.

With which historical figure do you most identify with?

I fashion myself as a bit of a Don Quixote, a fictional character but I was told that Cervantes, who wrote the book, was a bit of a lunatic himself, a warrior into all this crazy shit. I always loved the book and came from a place that was kinda unique you know?

Best invention?

Obviously electricity, right? If it wasn’t or that things’d be kinda fucked up right now huh?

What hasn’t been invented that should have been?

oh man, we really should have worked on a super conductor – we really should have made that -it’d be great. I bet they invent it in the next 20 years. And I bet you it involves weightlessness. I bet you when they go up and do their little space station thing, they’re gonna throw the little atom against something and it’s gonna work. Some kind of fusion, that’d be cool.

Are FLC gonna have a new look for the millenium?

Well we have been consulting our fashion gurus, with whom we work closely, and I think you might be seeing Huey wearing more ties in the next millenium. There’s a lot of good neckwear out there. I’m talking about dickies and ascots and a whole bunch of shit.

90 minutes to live – What’s on the soundtrack?

Well I’d have that Prince song, ‘1999’, obviously. And I’d have it like in ‘fear and loathing’ where they have ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ looped on a cassette player as they’re driving out to the desert. And probably I’d wanna see if that voodoo shit works, so I’d try to get some kinda reincarnation shit goin’ on. And I’d get my favourite woman in the world to come over and make profiteroles and hang out with the dog. He goes insane for Prince music.