But Huey & co. want to open a restaurant

Fun Lovin’ Criminals drummer and founder member Steve is out the band and has been replaced by former Cromags/Bad Brains skinsman Mackie.

A band spokesman told “All we know is that Stevie broke his hand at the end of last year. He’s not on the current tour and there are no plans for him to return.”

Mackie has been doing interviews on the German leg of the band’s European tour as a full member of the band.


The New Yorkers are also currently looking for premises in London’s Covent Garden for their enterprise, which will be called DiFontaine‘s after the music publishing company they run called DiFontaine’s Carting & Asbestos Removal Company.

A band spokesman told that aside from Pizza Express and McDonald’s, the band were unimpressed with British grub.

“They’re opening their own restaurant to solve the problem,” he explained. “Besides, Huey‘s always claimed he’s quite a good cook, especially with Puerto Rican and Italian food, skills he’s got from his mother. So it will probably be that kind of food.”

He added that FLC hoped to open their new venture this time next year.

The band also own an established garbage truck empire, also called DiFontaine’s Carting & Asbestos Removal Company. Their spokesman explained: “They’ve got three garbage trucks in New York and they basically gave their friends jobs to run them. They’re nice guys like that.”

Meanwhile, Huey has also been asked to write a film by a major Hollywood company. The plot, according to Huey, is like “Ghost meets Back To The Future” and tells the story of the widow of a pop star who travels back in time in a New York taxi cab to try and avert her dead husband’s demise. Three major film studios are said to be interested.


Huey is also making a break into acting and plays a Puerto Rican drug dealer in Once In The Life, the directorial debut by Hollywood star Laurence Fishburne. The film, which Fishburne also wrote and produced, is due later this year.

They think British food is shit “aside from Pizza Express and McDonald’s“: does this bode well for FLC’s foodie venture? Who else should open restaurants and what sort of food would they serve? Maybe a chain of Morrissey ‘Meat Is Murder’ bars to rival the overpriced Cranks? Perhaps Shed 7 pea soup and juice bars? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!

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