Huey and the boys preview their new album at their first UK date for a year - and they make the most of THAT beer ad...

FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS previewed songs from their new album ‘LOCO’ in MANCHESTER last night at their first UK date for a year.

The show, held at the city’s intimate Life Cafe, was the first of four sponsored dates around the country, held at secret venues and open exclusively to competition winners. Just under 500 fans were invited, and were greeted by vocalist Huey Morgan with the words: “Last time I was in Manchester I can’t remember how many friends I made, but I do know that I was bruised.”

The band played seven new songs, the titles of which included their new album’s title track, ‘Loco’, ‘Dick Odour’, ‘Run Daddy Run’ and’The Biz’. The latter two songs are most reminiscent of debut album ‘Come Find Yourself’, with other unnamed songs showing a heavier guitar sound.


The first new track, also unnamed, is a lounge ballad that Huey wrote for his girlfriend. But he assured the audience, “just for the record, my love is not gentle”.

They took the stage just before 9pm and played a seven song ” set of lounge music for you to get drunk by,” which drew heavily on last year’s album of covers and reworkings ‘Mimosa’. The set included ‘Up On The Hill’, ‘Back On

The Block’ and the now-standard lounge version of ‘Scooby Snacks’.

After leaving the stage, claiming the law required them to stop playing music, they took questions submitted from the audience, and held a session of regular live feature ‘Huey’s Acting School’. They parodied ‘Apocalypse Now’, with Huey

taking Marlon Brando’s role of Colonel Kurtz.

This was followed by a more regular, 14-song set which Huey described as “the heavy metal set,” and included hits such as ‘The Fun Lovin’ Criminal’, ‘King Of New York’ and ‘Big Night Out’. Throughout the show, Huey parodied their advertisement for Miller Beer, which premiered on UK TV a week ago and features the band playing the track ‘Loco’, drinking the lager throughout the show in exaggerated postures and claiming it to be the “sweetest taste in man’s own world”. However, he justified the advertisement by saying that “you guys know that we love to drink beer”.


Fun Lovin’ Criminals return to the UK in March for a more conventional tour.