The Welsh emo-rockers aim for world domination with their next record...


will begin recording their second album this week with the man behind DEFTONES


The Welsh metal champs are set to start recording in

Seattle with Terry Date – the US rock heavyweight who has also worked extensively with Limp Bizkit.

The follow-up to 2003’s ‘Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation’ should see the band graduate to the major league. At Date’s request, they have just completed a short tour of the West Coast of America to ‘loosen them up’ before recording.

However, guitarist Darren Smith was quick to deny that the move would see them turn in a shiny US rock album. He told NME.COM: “No, it’s gonna be the same five rock boys that will be happy if they play to 4,000 or 40 people. We’re not going

for the full sheen, if anything there was a little bit too much of

that on the first one.

“The reason we wanted to work with Terry is that he’s equally good at bringing out melody as he is at bringing out the heaviness. We want to capture the way we are live more than on the

first record, to have that energy in the recording. The new songs are more gutsy.”

The tour – which took in their first ever Los

Angeles show at the Troubadour (January 5) which was attended by members of[a][/a], Good Charlotte and The Used – saw

them debut new tracks ‘Roses For The Dead’ and one with the working title ‘Airwolf’.

Drummer Ryan Richards added: “I think it’s got

more traditional influences and more traditional sound to it. I’m

finding it’s a lot more representative of what we’ve grown up

listening to and those influences and what we’ve grown up listening to

than just what’s going on at the moment.”

“With the first album we were trying to find our feet along with

each other,” said guitarist Kris Roberts, “and that

seemed to happen really quickly so I don’t think everybody’s

influences came through as much as they should have.”

Other tracks set for the album – which should be out as early as

June – include ‘Sunny’ and ‘The End Of