Future Islands’ Samuel T Herring: ‘Light House’ was about my own suicidal thoughts’

Frontman says song came from 'the darkest place'

Future Islands frontman Samuel T Herring has revealed that the band’s song ‘Light House’ from their 2014 album ‘Singles’ was written about his own suicidal thoughts.

Speaking in the new issue of NME, which is on newsstands now and available digitally, Herring detailed an incident in which he confided to his girlfriend that he’d contemplated suicide, and discussed with her his life on the road and his feelings of heartbreak over friends he’d lost to drugs.

“All of the songs are personal but that one came from the darkest place,” Herring said. “Every time I sing it, I feel like I save myself in a little way.


“Sometimes it can get scary when you feel lonely, when you feel misunderstood, when you feel dumped upon or just weak. Things can creep up on you. But it’s important to know that people are there. That keeps me from ever doing anything like [committing suicide].”

Herring also divulged how fans have emailed to tell him the song has helped them. “It’s through that sharing that I feel like I’ve reached people, which takes away those feelings of darkness. My expression comes completely from feeling misunderstood and wanting to get my ideas across to people so I don’t feel isolated, so I have value in this world,” he said.

Last month, Future Islands revealed they were worried their hugely popular appearance on Late Show With David Letterman, in which they performed NME‘s Track Of The Year ‘Seasons (Waiting for You)’, might end up being the bane of their existence. “You don’t want to be the band who did that one thing on Letterman and then everyone forgot about you,” Herring said.

The Baltimore band play two shows at London’s The Roundhouse in March, headlining the Camden venue on March 30 and 31.