Future Islands auction Letterman cue cards, shoes and artwork to raise money for Baltimore

The eBay auction currently stands at $1,725 (£1,116)

Future Islands are auctioning a selection of items in a bid to raise money for a Baltimore charity.

Fans could take home cue cards used on the band’s recent appearance on Letterman, the Converse high-top shoes frontman Samuel T. Herring wore on the show and an art print from 2011 album ‘On The Water,’ signed by the band and artist Elena Johnston, and more.

On the eBay listing, the item description says of the shoes: “[Herring] laced them up and wore them for the first time for that performance. They are leather Converse high tops, size 11. He is currently still wearing these shoes, and when the auction is over, they will be packed up and shipped off.”

The bidding is currently at $1,725 (£1,116) at the time of writing. Future Islands have promised to match the money raised “dollar for dollar”, up to $5,000.

Billboard reports that all proceeds from the auction will go to the Fund For Rebuilding Baltimore, an initiative from the Baltimore Community Foundation.

The auction page explains that the Baltimore Community Foundation has “a long history of working with neighborhood leaders and community organizations to strengthen neighborhoods, and have always relied on the commitment and the ideas of neighborhood residents to guide this work. The Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore will follow these same principles.”