Future Of The Left play chaotic house party gig

London flat shakes into the early hours

Future Of The Left played a gig in the early hours of this morning (April 19) in a flat in Camden, London, which had the floor bending under the weight of the band and packed-in fans.

The band had played a show earlier at the Underworld venue as part of the Camden Crawl. That gig ended with fans invading the stage and bashing equipment with drum sticks to bring the night to a raucous close.

At around 11pm (BST), as the band played closing song ’Cloak The Dagger’, one fan leaped on stage, took a drumstick from drummer Jack Egglestone’s drum case, and began smashing the snare drum with it.

Taking his lead, more fans began climbing on stage and grabbing drum sticks. Before long around ten fans were hitting pieces of equipment along with the band as Future Of The Left’s tour manager frantically attempted to remove equipment from the stage.

Speaking to NME.COM after the show, singer Andy Falkous said: “Collatoral damage equals three drumsticks, one tooth and approximately two minutes of our set time. Anyone who gets up on stage is welcome, until we ask them to leave. If that’s a problem, then we have a special way of persuading them that we know best.”

A few hours later the band headed to a nearby flat on Camden Road to play another gig. The flat was packed full of fans, with camera-men filming the event for future broadcast.

Future Of The Left played a 20-minute set, fans rocking in time with the music to cause the floor of the flat to bend and bounce throughout the performance. The band headed home at around 3:30am.