Future Of The Left premiere new material in London

Plus there's mosh-pit chaos at Cardiff rockers' gig

Future Of The Left played two new songs last night (December 10) at the King’s College Student Union venue, and gave security guards a headache by creating a moshpit that threatened to go out of control.

Midway through the gig lead singer/guitarist Andy Falkous had to tell fans to “take it easy” after a stream of crowd-surfers had begun to worry security guards. The venue added emergency back-up security guards to allow the gig to continue.

During the set the band debuted two new songs: ‘Be Your Own Leash’ and ‘Cloak The Dagger’.


The songs are likely to feature on the band’s second album, which they will be writing for and demoing in January 2008.

Future Of The Left played:

‘Kept By Bees’

‘The Lord Hates A Coward’

‘Plague Of Onces’

‘Fingers Become Thumbs’


‘I Need To Know How To Kill A Cat’

‘Team: Seed’


‘Suddenly It’s A Folk Song’

‘Fuck The Countryside Alliance’

‘Small Bones, Small Bodies’

‘Wrigley Scott’

‘Be Your Own Leash’

‘Instrumental interlude’

‘My Gymnastic Past’


‘Cloak The Dagger’