Future Of The Left clash with violent heckler

London show ends in slanging match

Future Of The Left‘s London show erupted into chaos amid violent heckling last night (September 26).

The Cardiff-based band were playing at the Water Rats, to mark the release of album ‘Curses’ this week, in front of a rapturous crowd.

Throughout the hour-long show the band played the likes of ‘The Lord Hates A Coward’, ‘Fingers Become Thumbs’ and ‘Small Bones, Small Bodies’ to an audience which became increasingly rowdy.

By the final song, frontman Andy Falkous was prompted to ask the front rows of the pit to look out for each other, to which a drunk heckler replied, “Go and get an office job if you don’t like it.”

This touched a nerve with Falkous, who let out an expletive-ridden tirade, which lasted for minutes, branding him a “fucking prick”.

After the lengthy and colourful diss, Falkous turned the crowd on the heckler, and then had the last word: “And to think all we were trying to do was stop people from getting punched in the back of the head.”