Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland faces new fraud and money laundering charges

He was previously ordered to pay $26 million back to investors

Billy McFarland – the entrepreneur behind the controversial Fyre Festival – faces new charges of wire fraud and money laundering.

The failed festival hit headlines last year, after it was dubbed a ‘luxury’ event but was more akin to a dystopian nightmare. It promised attendees first-class accommodation and a line-up that included the likes of Major Lazer.

The event quickly descended into chaos when it took place and the company behind it was later forced into bankruptcy.

Organiser McFarland admitted two counts of wire fraud back in March. Each count faces up to 20 years in jail. According to Time, McFarland secured a deal that called for him to serve between eight and 10 years in prison – however, he has also requested leniency with no incarceration.

McFarland is reportedly now facing a new set of charges connected to a post-Fyre Festival ticket scam. He is allegedly behind a business called NYC VIP Access which sold tickets to huge events like the Grammys, the Super Bowl, Coachella, the Met Gala, Burning Man, and more.

It’s been reported that customers either didn’t receive the tickets they had paid for or didn’t receive the tickets that were advertised.

According to Pitchfork, McFarland solicited Fyre Festival attendees to purchase tickets from the site when the tickets did not exist. 15 people allegedly bought tickets from the company, totaling $100,000. McFarland is also accused of posing as the company’s other employees to hide his involvement.

Speaking in a statement, FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. said: “Today’s charges depict our intolerance for such fraudulent activity, and we will continue to diligently investigate acts such as this.”