Fyre Festival founder says it will return next year

The luxury festival, co-founded by Ja Rule, was postponed this weekend.

Fyre Festival founder and co-organizer, Billy McFarland has revealed that there will be another Fyre Festival happening next year.

Fyre Festival was due to take place this weekend and the weekend after in the Bahamas, with the likes of Major Lazer, Disclosure, Skepta and more booked to perform. Tickets ranged from $1,000 to $12,000

However, the event has been postponed after guests arrived to find the festival site under-prepared, with claims of no running water and catering only serving up bread, cheese and salad.


Other attendees claimed they were locked in a room at the airport for 2 hours with no air conditioning, water or food.

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One festival-goer wrote on Twitter: “So Fyre Fest is a complete disaster. Mass chaos. No organization. No one knows where to go. There are no villas, just a disaster tent city.”

Yesterday (April 28), the festival’s organisers issued a statement writing: “After assessing the situation this morning and looking at best options for our guests, we cannot move forward as we hoped we could. The festival is being postponed until we can further assess if and when we are able to create the high-quality experience we envisioned.”

It has now been announced that Fyre Festival will be returning next year. Detailing plans of a ‘make-up festival’ to Rolling Stone, McFarland said: “We thought we were making timeframes that were correct. We were a little naïve in thinking for the first time we could do this ourselves. Next year, we will definitely start earlier. The reality is, we weren’t experienced enough to keep up.”


“We’re going to take every measure to make this right for everybody now, and make this right for everybody next year, on a large scale,” he said.

Ja Rule, who organised the event alongside entrepreneur Billy McFarland, also posted his own apology to Twitter yesterday (April 28), writing: “We are working right now on getting everyone [off] the island SAFE… I wanted this to be an amazing event it was NOT A SCAM… I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT”.