G-Eazy covers Beatles and Radiohead classics from quarantine

New versions of 'Creep' and 'I'm So Tired'

G-Eazy has shared a pair of covers, which were recorded while in quarantine.

As well as his ongoing mini YouTube series The Process, which digs into his creative process, the rapper has shared new covers of Radiohead and The Beatles.

The rapper has taken on a version of Radiohead classic ‘Creep’ with help from actress Ashley Benson, giving the song a moody pop makeover.


In the second cover, he raps over John Lennon’s voice on a version of 1968 Beatles track ‘I’m So Tired’. Listen to that below.

Last July, G-Eazy told NME during an interview at Poland’s Open’er Festival that his new album was set to arrive “very soon”, as well as teasing a Lil Wayne collaboration, calling the rapper “one of my favourite rappers of all time”.

“It’s an album about coming home and an album that’s a full circle,” he teased.

“It’s a full circle and an album about completing the journey and not forgetting your roots and who you are.”


The rapper added that the album will tackle “nostalgia based ideas of missing what was, but at the same time accepting maturation, evolution and growth.” Watch the full interview below.

The Beatles and Radiohead have both been active online during the coronavirus lockdown.

Radiohead have begun a new YouTube series, sharing a full classic live show from their archives each Friday, “until either the restrictions resulting from [the] current situation are eased, or we run out of shows.”

The Beatles, meanwhile, will stream a one time only sing-a-long version of their 1968 film Yellow Submarine on Saturday (April 25).

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