(G)-IDLE’s Soyeon says “reality hit” when she took part in ‘Produce 101’

"I was thinking, ‘is this what a singer is?’”

(G)-IDLE member Soyeon has opened up about her experience on the Mnet TV reality competition Produce 101.

During an appearance on the YouTube channel Kizzle, the singer was featured on a segment where she shared her “life graph” and experiences as a K-pop star to children. While reminiscing on her time as a trainee, she revealed that her happiness reached a low when she appeared on Produce 101 at the age of 19.

“When I did [Produce 101]… the reality hit,” she said. Soyeon went on to explain that her goal of making music conflicted with what was expected of her on the show. “I wanted to do music, but here I had to do something they told me to do. And I was thinking, ‘is this what a singer is?’,” she added.


Later, the idol talked about how she began to feel happier after joining the TV rap competition Unpretty Rapstar, where she was able to express herself more freely. “When I rapped, I felt better again, and my happiness level increased,” she shared/

Earlier this week, Soyeon made her long-awaited solo return with ‘Windy’, her first mini-album. The project dropped alongside a quirky video for title track ‘BEAM BEAM’, which featured a fictional fast food joint called “Windy’s”, a parody of popular American chain Wendy’s.

In a four-star review of the mini-album, NME’s Angela Patricia Suacillo described the five-track project as a “masterclass in versatility and eccentricity that sets [Soyeon] apart from this new generation of K-pop idols”.