'Wake Up In The Morning' features Gabrielle, Des'ree and Damage, among others...

The single recorded by GABRIELLE, DES’REE and DAMAGE in memory of murdered LONDON schoolboy DAMILOLA TAYLOR is expected to be on sale in mid-July, according to reports today (May 29).

The song, ‘Wake Up In The Morning’, also features Roachford and Courtney Pine, and children from Damilola’s school, Oliver Goldsmith’s in Peckham, are also set to take part.

According to ananova.com, the children, along with Damilola’s father Richard, will meet the stars appearing on the record at Sarm West Studio in London, where the Live Aid single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ was recorded.


Proceeds from the single, which was written by Gregg Brown of the band Osibisa in 1984, will go to the Damilola Taylor Trust, which was set up to raise awareness about violent crime. Ten-year-old Damilola was stabbed to death returning from the library after school in November.

Speaking about the song, Mr Brown told ananova.com: “At the time, it was just a release on the social situation I found in London and it was a way of finding the strength to carry on. It’s a call to come together and for communities to come together.”

He added: “I was asked to make a documentary during the funeral about Damilola Taylor. I was asked to film the funeral, go to the funeral hall and to interview the people attending. I had never actually organised anything like this and didn’t want the responsibility but, after filming them with the little body at the funeral, then reality hit me, I was drowning in tears. It was my wife who suggested the song that I wrote so many years ago.”