Gaggle announce release of debut album

'From The Mouth Of The Cave' is out on June 4

Gaggle are set to release their debut album, ‘From The Mouth Of The Cave’, on June 4.

The all-female choir, led by Deborah Coughlin, will first release the single ‘Army Of Birds’ on May 21. Scroll down to watch the track’s teaser trailer.

Coughlin and Simon Dempsey have written the 11 tracks that make up ‘From the Mouth of the Cave’, which will be put out by Transgressive Records.


Last year Gaggle performed a reworking of the 1969 opera The Brilliant and The Dark, appearing at the Royal Albert Hall, the original home of the piece. Of Gaggle, Coughlin has said: “I’d always known where it would go – I knew it was a project that could cross boundaries and play in vastly different spaces.”

Gaggle are set to announce 2012 live shows soon.

The ‘From the Mouth of the Cave’ tracklisting is:

‘From the Mouth of the Cave’
‘Army of Birds’
‘Power of Money’
‘Liar, Interlude. Congo’
‘Bang On The Drum’
‘Hello Spider’
‘Leave The City’