Gallows get to work on new EP with Wade MacNeil

Drummer Lee Barratt confirms blood and pus are being spilt for new record

Gallows have confirmed plans for a new EP with new frontman Wade MacNeil.

The band, who posted the 37-second long ‘True Colours’ with the former Alexisonfire guitarist earlier this week, are back in the studio according to drummer Lee Barratt. He wrote on his Twitter page

First day of writing for the new Gallows EP. My sticks are already covered in blood and pus. It’s pretty gross that the blisters on pretty much all my fingers are still leaking fluids [too].

MacNeil is also currently recording his first album with the Watford punks, which will be their third LP overall. They tour the US in September.

‘True Colours’, which is available for download at, is the band’s first recorded offering since Frank Carter left the band. Scroll down and click below to listen to the track.

Gallows play their first UK show with MacNeil on vocals later this year. The band will headline London‘s XOYO on December 13.