Frank Carter: ‘Seeing someone else sing in Gallows will be strange’

Singer also reveals the band's new vocalist is 'a great friend'

Frank Carter has admitted that it will “take him a while to get used to” seeing someone else sing in Gallows.

The singer, who played his last show with the band at London‘s ULU on July 23 after announcing he would be leaving the band at the beginning of last month, also revealed that the band’s new singer is “a good friend” of his.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Carter admitted that he was sad to leave the Watford punks, saying: “I’m going to miss everything about Gallows. How could you not?”

Responding to a question about how he felt about seeing someone else sing in Gallows, Carter responded:

Someone else coming in is strange and in all honesty it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. But the new guy is a great friend of mine and I know he loves the band so I think he is ready to step in and have some fun. I purposefully went out to play that last show with every ounce of sweat that I had, purely with the intention of setting the bar high for him.

Carter is now preparing for recording with his new project Pure Love, which he described as “completely different to Gallows“, adding that he felt “more passionate about it than I have ever been about anything”.

Pure Love are set to release their debut album in early 2012 and have confirmed they will then tour in support of their debut.