Gallows admit lying about pig slaughter boast

Band issue statement saying that actually they never went to the slaughterhouse

Following the revelation that Gallows recorded the sound of a pig being slaughtered for inclusion on their forthcoming new album ‘Grey Britain’, the band have released a statement saying that they were in fact lying about the boast.

In a video interview with NME.COM the Hertfordshire punks said that they recorded the dying pig themselves, justifying it by saying that “it was going to die anyway.”

Animal rights group PETA subsequently released a message saying the move would be likely to turn many fans vegetarian.


However, in a statement sent to NME.COM today (April 28), Gallows admitted that they never went to the slaughterhouse at all – they got the sample from the internet.

“We would never harm an animal for the sake of our music,” the statement read. “The sample is taken from the internet and we even traced it to come from Spain where they still use inhumane forms of slaughter.

“We do not want to upset our fans who we consider intelligent enough to realise we didn’t kill a pig or any other kind of animal to achieve the sounds on ‘Grey Britain’.”

To watch the video interview with the band, click below.


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