Gallows: ‘We recorded a pig dying on new album’

Watford rockers give NME.COM the gruesome details

Gallows have spoken about how the recorded the sound of a pig being slaughtered while making new album ‘Grey Britain’.

In an exclusive video interview with NME.COM, which you can watch by clicking below, the band explained that they didn’t want to use any fake samples on the album – so set about recording everything properly.

“The samples on the album are real,” bassist Stu Gili-Ross said. “There’s the sound of the River Thames when we went down to the riverbank and recorded the sound of the water. There’s a lot of stuff on there.

“We went into a Halal slaughterhouse where a pig was getting slaughtered for food [We think Stu may have got a little confused here; pigs aren’t Halal – NME ED]. I wouldn’t say it was a pig getting murdered, that’s a bit strong. It was going to die anyway so we just turned up with a microphone and captured the sounds.”

After the band fell about laughing at Gili-Ross‘s comment, frontman Frank Carter explained the situation in more clarity.

“It’s on there. It’s definitely on there, with its dying breath. But it’s special,” he said.

‘Grey Britain’ is released on May 4.

Blog – Gallows are not the first band to employ bizarre studio techniques.

To watch the video interview with the band, click below.