Gallows man reveals classical music ambitions

Guitarist Steph Carter wants to return to university to study

Gallows guitarist Steph Carter has revealed that his dream is to one day write classical music.

The punk rock musician said that he had been listening to the compositions of Beethoven and Bach recently and was feeling inspired to study classical music at university.

“For the past three weeks I’ve listened to nothing but Beethoven and Bach,” he told his local newspaper, the Hemel Hempstead Gazette. “I’ve got such a wide variety, as have the rest of the guys in the band.

“I studied music at university and I want to go back and study classical music. I want to write a classical score.”

Carter added that he and his brother, singer Frank, still live with their parents, saying that since becoming professional rockers they have been able to take care of their mother financially.

“For me that’s the best achievement,” he said.