Gallows London pub show marred as singer is ‘groped’

Frank Carter instructs the audience to 'destroy' the venue

Gallows previewed material from their new album at a tiny pub in central London last night – although the gig was marred by a ‘groping’ incident.

The band took to the stage at the Old Blue Last shortly after 9:30pm (GMT) to play a set that included seven new songs.

From the off, frontman Frank Carter was in buoyant form, although late into the band’s set the singer became embroiled in an altercation with an audience member.

During the first song ‘Come Friendly Bombs’, Carter crowdsurfed from the stage to the bar, breaking one of the pub’s chandeliers on his way. When he returned to the stage at the songs end, Carter instructed the crowd to “destroy” the venue.

“What I wanna see is people diving off the bar, diving off the stage. I wanna see fucking carnage,” he said. “I’ve already taken out that chandelier and now I’ve got my eye on that one over there.”

True to his word, Carter would later destroy another light fitting while being held up to the ceiling by the crowd.

The gig took a surreal turn when Carter had an audience member ejected for allegedly groping him during new song ‘Vulture’.

Midway through the song, Carter dropped his microphone, jumped into the crowd and hit the audience member several times on the head.

The shocked-looking man made his way to the back of the venue, only to be followed by Carter and his brother – Gallows guitarist Steph Carter. The singer again grabbed the man, whispered in his ear and pushed him towards the venue’s exit.

When he returned to the stage, Carter explained the incident.

He said: “If it was a girl on stage getting groped I think she’d have a problem with it. And just because I’m a boy does not mean that I like getting my dick felt. I don’t really appreciate that!

“I’m here to play a show – not to be someone’s fucking sex toy. That shit winds me up. Be it girl or boy, I don’t like getting touched. Do I look the kind of guy that likes to be approached like that? I mean, most girls won’t talk to me because of that reason!”

As the band continued their set undeterred, Carter spoke of their forthcoming album, set to be released in 2009.

“We took a million pounds from our record label, a major label, and we wrote the most disgusting, filthy, unapproachable, unlistenable album we could make,” he said. “I think everybody was expecting us to come back like Good Charlotte but still we came back as Gallows!”

Gallows played:

‘Come Friendly Bombs’

‘Gold Dust’

‘Abandon Ship’

‘Kill The Rhythm’

‘London Is The Reason’

‘Rolling With The Punches’

‘Dread The Night’




‘In The Belly Of A Shark’

‘Black Eyes’

‘Black Heart Queen’


‘Orchestra Of Wolves’