Gallows say Reading Festival show was highlight of their career

Watch band talk about their new album now too

Gallows have spoken out about their forthcoming second album – the follow up to ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’.

The band performed some new tracks from the yet-to-be released record at their festival slots over the weekend.

Speaking in an NME.COM video at this year’s (August 2 -24) Leeds Festival, guitarist Laurent Barnard spoke about the future release, saying: “We’ve managed to keep it as organic and be as non influenced by what other people are saying or any other pressure.”


The group also said their Reading Festival slot, where the crowd parted like the Red Sea so Carter could return to the stage, was probably one the highlights of their career.

Frontman Frank Carter said: “Reading Festival last night was amazing – it was possibly the best show of our career.”

Watch the full video interview with Gallows below:

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